Smart Media Creator


We offer fundamental, advanced and admin training courses for the content management system Smart Media Creator.

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We give a comprehensive insight into the most important functions of SMC.

You will learn the fundamentals of structured documentation and receive a comprehensive introduction to the content management system.


Examples of course content
  • Creating information in SMC
  • How do you find something?
  • Document structure
  • Document layout
  • Specifying information units/modules
  • Publication process
  • Translation process
  • Creating documents
  • Creating, editing and moving structural elements
  • Creating and editing texts, tables, descriptions
  • Creating/inserting safety instructions
  • Creating/inserting images
  • Reusing structural elements (mirroring)
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Using the filter
  • Tips and tricks

You can optimise your techniques using your individual examples.

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