32nd Information Day


The 32nd Information Day at SL innovativ GmbH on April 26, 2016 in Dinkelsbühl was very well attended again.

We welcomed far more than 100 guests, who braved the typical April weather to visit us and find out about interesting and current topics in the field of technical documentation.


Gerhard Lierheimer, the director of SL innovativ GmbH, held the introductory speech on the theme of “Technical documentation for the United States – Please do not dry your poodle in the microwave!”

This speech vividly illustrated that the somewhat provocative title is actually not too far removed from how products are understood in the United States. Mr. Lierheimer explained the legal structure in the United States and elucidated how it differs from the laws we are familiar with.

On this basis he created individual depictions of the essential points relevant to documentation which, when combined, result in an operating manual that is customized for the American market.


Our guest speaker, Mr. Dietrich Juhl, to whom we would like to express our gratitude here, started his speech with the question “Do safety instructions make machines safer?”

Mr. Juhl pointed out the rampant proliferation of safety instructions and warnings and made a case for a radical reduction.

Technically well constructed, safe products and well-structured technical documentations can manage with very few safety instructions and warnings without becoming legally “unsafe” – according to his thesis.

This is also the theme of his current book “WARN OUT - Concept for meaningful safety instructions and warnings”.

If you are interested in the publications by Mr. Juhl, please visit his website at "www.juhl.de/".


The speech by our staff member Elmar Popp covered the topic “The new Industrial Safety Regulations and their influence on technical documentation”.

Mr. Popp briefly presented the contents of the new industrial safety regulations and then focused on the points that are important for technical documentation.

He showed that operators base their risk assessment on the information provided by the manufacturers. This means that the operating manual as well as the information in the risk assessment play an increasingly important role for a machine operator.


You can find all of the lectures from our event in our download section.


Our guests had the opportunity to engage in lively discussions with the speakers as well as other visitors during the breaks. The 32nd Information Day also offered culinary delights with great hospitality in a casual and personal atmosphere.


After the event, some of our guests visited the town mill in Dinkelsbühl and the rehearsal rooms of the “Dinkelsbühler Knabenkapelle”, a boys’ band of national renown.


The 33rd Information Day at SL innovativ GmbH is planned for the fall of 2016 – we will certainly surprise you with interesting themes again and of course invite you ahead of time.


We thank all our customers, interested parties and guests for their visits and wish you much pleasure and success in the preparation of the topics and the implementation of the new insights.


We look forward to the next Information Day with you!

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