Personnel leasing

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Our large pool of experts provides you with just the valuable human resources you need to complete your project team and to help you solve challenges and tasks successfully.


We are there when you need us:

With our personnel leasing service, we bolster your company with experts from SL Time GmbH. These experts pave the way for an ideal workflow and perform the tasks you require in your premises. They are professional team players who can contribute their extensive experience.

  • Enriching resources Benefit from our specialists’ expertise in many different fields.
  • Pool of available experts It is often difficult to find exactly the expert you need on the labour market at the moment.
    Rapid access to our potential is the most effective solution for you!

Our service:

  • Lease personnel from SL Time GmbH’s panel.
  • We have restructured our personnel leasing Services, and from now on our personnel leasing services are provided by our brand new company SL Time GmbH.
  • The German employment agency in Nuremberg licensed SL Time GmbH as a state-approved personnel leasing agency on May 9th, 2017, clearing the way for SL Time GmbH to provide personnel leasing services.